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    Kwese Play Shutdown

    And after a quick google search I find this: Seems as though all these Kwese play boxes have become redundant and stores will be pulling them from the shelves.
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    Kwese Play Shutdown

    Short answer is no, have been researching it since I received mine a few months back and it uses custom encrypted firmware paired with the CPU. The USB ports arent even connected to the CPU or bootloader in any way so that's not an option either. They have all become shiny paperweights unless...
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    What Legal IPTV service is best? [No Illegal Services Allowed] Someting tells me that Mr Theshan Pillay will get a court order from the big bad Multichoice soon...
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    The official Mikrotik router thread

    How epic are your vlan skills?
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    Do you use the iPad's camera?? So you have the basic 16GB with Wifi?
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    Do you use the iPad's camera??

    All i know, is that everyone i know with an iPad find it utterly useless as is. Maybe with a USB port, or more compatibilty, I might think about it. Until then it's a horribly over-priced gimmick (Where Core is partly to blame), that i could find more use for my money. Just my opinion...
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    Do you use the iPad's camera??

    I Can find 1000 ways to better spend my R8000 than on a fondleslab which is a great gimmick in the beginning but eventually becomes a kids toy...
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    Do you use the iPad's camera??

    They look stupid period...
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    iPad owners can’t think of a need for the tablet

    Never mind that, at the end, your HAVE to email it, because let's not forget the lack of USB ports, which is a complete iFail...
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    iPad owners can’t think of a need for the tablet

    Never bothered with a Tablet, never will. It's a "COOL" gimmicky thing, always will be. Especially without the 3G, there is no use for it... Most of all is the price, until I can get a decent tablet, without Apple OS, for under R1000, it isn't viable. Finished and Klaar...