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  • PS: On Windows 7 however, you might find that the VMC software tends to utilise 50% of your CPU resources and takes up a lot of memory. What you can do is setup a dial up connection for the modem and dial into the internet with that. It will get you connected without the hassle of trying to get the VMC software to behave.
    Hi Bhavna,

    To fix the problem with the modem, I would suggest that you uninstall the VMC software from your system.

    Next, go into Device Manager and select the radio button at the top to "Show Hidden Devices"

    Remove any USB devices and Modems tha mention the Huwaii modem.

    Finally, reboot your system.

    Vodacom has a patch for Windows 7 which is 1.9mb which fixes any problems you might have with the modem and Windows 7.

    If you can provide me with an email address, then I can email the fix to you if you are unable to find it on the Vodacom website.

    Plug the modem back in after applying the fix and it should install all the necessary drivers. A good idea is to always try to download the latest version of the VMC software to get the latest drivers and software support for your PC / Modem / OS.

    I hope this helps you.


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