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    Dis ‘trash’ wat Steve so beledig

    I literally pissed myself. :D link
  2. B Legit?

    Ahoy Anybody ever ordered from They don't seem to have any CC facilities but they have the cheapest price on what i want. Any feedback please.
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    LOCAL ONLY uncapped?

    Local only uncapped. Is there such a product out there?
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    IDE/Sata to CF Card

    Hello my people. Where can i get IDE/SATA to Compact flash adapters.I have used my friend Google,but found nothing. thanks
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    3D Carousel script thingy?

    Hi I'm looking for a free 3d carousel script for images.It can be auto scroll or static with move button,flash or java...i don't know as long as its working. I have a personal image site and want to highlight some images.Also please remember my knowledge is dangerous but i do get them to...
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    Highveld & KFM on Dstv Audio

    In the past people have ask this so there might be peeps out there that might find it usefull. Highveld Stereo - 179 KFM - 180 Both on Dstv audio...i don't know from when,so it might be old news to some.