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  • Hi Billion,
    Have installed a Source-Connect rig on my computer and I now need to configure my 400G's port forwarding following UDP ports to 6000. Am having tremendous hassles.

    How do I do this?


    Hi Billion SA Representative, I need some serious help, I need a step by step instruction on how to connect my PS3 with my 5200S Billion router. I've tried pretty much everything on many forums around the net.. nothing seems to work. Only if I enter manual IP address on my PS3 does it say IP Address: Succeeded. Internet Connection: Failed. (then theres that common dns error) .. please help.
    7300GX Love this Router, Love the Billion products !!!!!

    Just purchased a Huawei E800 3G Device with adapter and works great.

    I only need help using the automatic email for notification

    The failover would use the MTN Datacard (mail.mtn.co.za)
    The Failback would use ADSL Telkom (smtp.saix.net)

    I dont get the Failover mails only the failback ones

    Am I using the correct smtp ?
    Hey man, was hoping you could help me flash my Bipac 7401VGP to another firmware - you probably know that the ones MWEB give out is locked and cant seem to flash it with any version of firmware from the billion website. Please help....
    Hi There

    Please can you help me out with port forwarding to a PC on my 7300G. Is there perhaps a doc that you can mail me. My email addy is nick@narcom.co.za

    Thanks kindly

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