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    Jeffrey Epstein: US financier 'charged with sex trafficking'

    MSM is reporting extensively on his connection to Clinton and Prince Andrew They are also reporting on his connection with Trump Since Trump is now POTUS and Clinton isnt ...
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    Is secure parking seen as a "perk" when working at a company?

    Yep. I did miscommunicate above. We always paid staff salaries on time. Founders (even small minorities) sometimes had to wait a few months It was hairy... but worth it in the end
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    Is secure parking seen as a "perk" when working at a company?

    Its possible you dont always see what the owner goes through to keep things running. Years ago, in a startup, with over 150 people, we often didn't take a salary for a month or 2. We always paid salaries. Now, we didnt tell staff that but we did tell them our business progress. It is possible...
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    Is secure parking seen as a "perk" when working at a company?

    Agreed. I have been in a startup and now my own business. In the startup there was limited non-reserved parking that was shared by other companies. 1st come 1st serve. In those days the founders often didnt draw a salary... if there wasn't enough. Now we (a different we) own the office space...
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    Is secure parking seen as a "perk" when working at a company?

    It's most definitely a non-compulsory extra (generally speaking) I would 1. Politely remind them of the promise made. 2. In your case, it would be a policy that drives it...If other staff get free parking then so be it. If other staff above a certain level get free then so be it. In CT parking...
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    Ranking Qualifications in the IT Space

    I am an old bugger that perhaps has an old fashioned view of academics. What was applicable in the 1980s may not apply today Parents of promising young people often ask me what to study if they are entering the IT development world. I always say that if you can get into BSc Computer Science...
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    Test your broadband speed, rate your ISP, win prizes worth R5,000

    FIbre : OPenserve wA Latency 21ms Down 93Mb/s Up 54 Mb/s Normally better than this
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    Being included in an email by accident

    Turn it to your advantage Politely let them know they have copied you by accident. Mention you like the service
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    Adam Catzavelos arrives at court to answer for race video

    I believe he returned on his own. Extradition takes ages. His assets and life are here.
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    Are you guys able to access this site ?

    Fine with me Someone on your range misbehaved
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    Lester's racist rant on Cape Talk

    What station would you recommend if you not a music lover.. When I listen to the rdio it is Cape Talk.. Else I listen to tech podcasts
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    Air purifiers

    Thanks again. I am surprised there isn't a local agent. RabbitAir dont seem to ship internationally. The Amazon reseller doesn't seem to ship the units to SA but the filters are no problem I may have to use a package forwarder. Wantitall ship but it costs a fortune( CLose to R30k). If I use a...
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    Air purifiers

    Thanks for the advise I am in the market for a good one for large rooms. Where did you buy them? Which RabbitAir one did you get?
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    Recruitment Portals Survey - Win a Raspberry Pi

    Thank you. The criticism is fair. Our biggest challenge is getting feedback from clients. Having said that, the fact they are a black hole does not mean we should be one as well. We should be letting you know (weekly) that we have no new news. We won't and have never onsold info (or even...
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    Recruitment Portals Survey - Win a Raspberry Pi

    Fair comment, thanks. I have included a brief bio of Parvana and myself in the answer to skimread