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    FDA Gives Full Approval to Pfizer

    In the US, there is a vaccine injury fund. And has been for decades (1986 start) A small amount of all vax sales goes into the fund ($.75 per disease per vax). The fund pays out against vax injuries. Sort of an insurance So while you are correct to say that Pfizer has no liability neither does...
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    Complaints to be laid against leading heart surgeon after 'problematic' video on Covid-19 vaccines

    The headline is a tad misleading. And the description is incorrect They are not trying to force the child to do anything The child wants the vax. The parent does not. So when should a child have the ability to choose? My youngest daughter is 15. We have decided to let our daughter make the...
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    Unvaccinated Curro teachers may face retrenchment

    Yes, they can be replaced. If the condition is they are vaccinated and they retrench the unvaccinated then they can replace with vaccinated people
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    US Politics : Biden 100 days edition

    They made less fuss when Subways previous ad image (Jared Fogle) was sent to jail for child sex tourism and child pornography charges
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    Zuma sentenced to 15 months in jail by Constitutional Court

    This is just the contempt charge... for not showing up at Zondo... The rest is still coming
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    Moving to Cape Town (City by the sea)

    Been in CT for 26 years and it goes to show how local advice is. I know so little about Table View and Northern Suburbs I started in Green Point. Single, happy boozer. Loved it Then Claremont. Then Fernwood. Then married. Then big upgrade close by. Kids and from then on the money goes out...
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    Watch: White South Africans owe Black people an apology – Malema

    The voters had the power to end it... collectively Collectively they didn't want to. I wanted to.... but we weren't nearly enough. Did we try hard enough? Did we exert pressure hard enough? I don't think so but winning would have been hard
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    Watch: White South Africans owe Black people an apology – Malema

    We will never know how well my grandparents, parents or myself would have done elsewhere My grandfather lost out because he opposed apartheid too vigorously in his occupation. I like to believe I would have been OK. Maybe even better. But in the SA context, apartheid gave me relative...
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    Watch: White South Africans owe Black people an apology – Malema

    I was speaking for myself. You obviously have nothing personally to apologise for. Perhaps your ancestors do Many whites have gained from history but all we can do is - Acknowledge the advantages - Be good citizens going forward
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    Watch: White South Africans owe Black people an apology – Malema

    I was 25 when Mandela was released. Without a doubt, I benefited from a system that white people voted for. I didn't vote for the system but I admit I didn't do enough to oppose it. I am sorry for my insufficient action. However, Malema doesn't represent a remotely sensible position - I stayed...
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    Which supermarket chain do you support the most?

    I am a little concerned about how important your hair is to you ;)
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    Generator or Inverter for residential use?

    Agree with them or not but the City generates a huge electricity surplus after maintenance which it ploughs into other services mainly to benefit the poor. They are pretty open about that. Each service is not ring fenced
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    Is it just me or is the Magic Mouse the worst product ever?

    I buy almost anything Apple and I bought one. I don't use it anymore Part of it is my fault. My hands are big and it is way too dainty. It is also not nearly robust enough I was ok with the mouse tracking but don't like the practicality of the gestures on such a frail device On the other hand...
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    Project Veritas caught a CNN director telling the partisan truth

    Yes they do. For years their tagline was "Fair and Balanced"
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    Cops Caught on Video Holding a Black Army Lieutenant at Gunpoint, Then Pepper-Spraying Him

    Possible. But when they got closer they saw the plates... My point is they failed to de-escalate and just cranked it up. The problem with these debates is it becomes a stupid binary debate. The soldier in the car could have handled things better. Saying that does not mean the cops were good