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    Bitcoin was a waste of money - Sygnia CEO

    That CEO invested at the wrong time, and now badmouthing the crypto? Lol
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    Official Vox DSL feedback thread

    No issues here, cpt based. 12mb adsl Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data: Reply from bytes=32 time=18ms TTL=56 Reply from bytes=32 time=19ms TTL=58 Reply from bytes=32 time=18ms TTL=56 Reply from
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    What is the best car you have ever owned?

    My 2006 Honda Accord Type-S 2.4l engine, unichipped with freeflow exhaust was quite nice Had to let her go due to the price of petrol
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    What age did you move out from your parents house ?

    At the age of 27, i think
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    'N*gg*r' and 'h**tk*p': PI Mike Bolhuis' TV series canned over alleged racist voice note

    "Houtkop" is an insult to intelligence, how is this racist?
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    What is the best gadget you have ever bought?

    My RaspberryPi, used daily
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    What do you like most about the MyBroadband Forum?

    * All kinds of news on one website. * Differences in opinions between users on certain topics
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    Serious WhatsApp security flaw discovered

    A friend of mine's mom "sent" a pornhub link, 1am. With absolute no knowledge of it Cant wait when whatsapp will become what mxit is today, dead.
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    Google Images changes up its interface

    I didn't notice any changes, until I saw this thread. I like the the enlarged pictures on the side :thumbsup: Much easier to navigate through images now
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    Triple-screen smartphone teased by LG

    I hope the battery will be at least 6000mah then
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    Criminals have the keys to steal your airtime

    I'm on vodacom prepaid and the last option takes me to some e-school education service
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    What game are you playing now ?

    My friend Pedro Very fun and addictive!
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    The Cannabis Thread

    Anybody ordered something from yet? What was your experience like?
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    Telkom to migrate ADSL customers to wireless and fibre

    I guess I have to rent/sell my house, currently on ADSL for gaming, and wireless is a definite no from me. The complex's body corporate I live in doesn't want fibre installed because of the trenching of pavements, fkn old fossils decided against it.
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    Soweto residents want to pay a flat R100 per month for electricity

    How many units of electricity can you get for R100? I can probably get 50