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  • Lol hey my MXit buddy!

    All is well in LaLaLand, not much to be unhappy about arounds here.

    How are things with you? Lol!
    Lol cell C? so now you want to mxit for free as well? Lol you're sounding more and more like me. :)

    How are the grandparents? Don't you miss your family?

    Lol why come back? It's like going from better to worse.

    Lol please no makey fun of our crappy internet service :( we suffer so much already lol.

    O and MXit is like bloody cheap hey, so that's why we(I) use it. :)

    I only use youtube like once a month due to my cap. It's pathetic actually.

    O and i want that invite on MXit by tomorrow lol

    Lol where are you from?

    Lol facebook? BIG NO NO!
    Youtube? I envy you lol.

    Lol so get another one, it's so cheap, it's impossible to go without a simcard in this day and age.

    Lol not that i know of because the PC version of Mxit differs from the cell phone version.

    Lol, well it's so easy with the phone i see no reason to use the PC.

    Ahhh, i don't sleep much, i'll be up all night with random thoughts floating about in my (empty) head.

    When you have downloaded it you should PM me for my MXit number. :D


    Lol then you invite me hey. :love:

    Lol things are wonderful my side, just a bit tired, haven't had much sleep, i only got some sleep this afternoon.

    hugs, love and kisses with tons of ♥<<cuddlies>>♥
    Lol hello there Blazor2...

    Thanks for honking the horn :) (even though it sounds like something off teletubbies)

    Lol, how you doing buddy buddy?

    Thanks good sir! And thanks for your support on the forums. Also apologies for the mix up re: Top ups not carrying over as well :( Always painful for me when we miscommunicate. Cheers. Gian
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