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    Telkom scam?

    Yeah - Peter Parker here. How can I help? Hahaha. Sorry - forgot about this post. Saw it died out with my Gmail account used to sign in to this. Just an update: It was not a scam, but contractors from Telkom. I confirmed with Telkom shortly after this post. :D
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    CellC(??) SMS via email

    This is driving me insane. All of a sudden, CellC(??) is starting to send me emails for every SMS I receive. Anybody else getting this (It's been going on for a few weeks now). Is there a way to disable this? I am saying CellC with ?? as I do not know if it is a setting on my Android 8...
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    Telkom scam?

    Hi all. Not sure where on this forum this post belongs, so move if incorrect, please. I have a feeling that I have been scammed today by someone posing as a Telkom rep. My Spidey sense was tingling, but I could not find any concrete proof of my concern. I wish I realised it before I...