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    Wordpress JQuery Smooth-scroll help needed please.

    Hi everyone, not sure if this is the right place for this question but I'm hoping some mastermind takes pity on me and provides me with a solution! Backstory - I created a one page Wordpress site about 2 years ago by googling for solutions/videos and after a week or two I then got it to work...
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    Humble Till POS

    Does anyone have experience with the Humble Till POS system? I'm opening a retail store and after doing some research Humble Till looks like an easy solution for someone who is inexperienced but I'm not 100% sure!
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    Painting suspended / drop ceiling

    Hi guys, I need to have the ceiling of a retail store painted, the style of the suspended ceiling makes the space look like an office. Initially I was going to buy a 20l bucket of White Plascon PVA paint and go crazy on the ceiling but after a few google searches and youtube videos it seems one...
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    The Alfa Romeo Giulia Thread

    Alfa front, BMW side, Audi back... but it sure is beautiful...
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    2017 Toyota C-HR

    I really liked the look of this car before it was launched... then I saw the boot size and lost interest... then I saw one on the road and it didn't look as amazing as in the photos.
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    New Mahindra Thar

    The local get together of the Mahindra salesmen... :p
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    2018 Dodge Durango SRT

    Yeah pimpin baby
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    Audi Q2 is coming soon

    Meh, not fond of any stationwagony small hatchbacks with slightly raised suspension...
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    DIY Self-catering Accommodation

    I have a 4 bedroom house that I'm not living in and don't want to sell. There is also a second dwelling on the premises ("granny flat"). Would it be possible to convert the main house into two separate units and then have three self-catering units to rent out? I know there are various...
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    2017 Mercedes E-Class Coupe

    Wow looking good...:love:
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    The Lotus Evora Thread

    so. much. suede.
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    2016 end-of-year rugby union internationals

    Glad this year is over...
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    Super Rugby 2017

    Only watched one game in whole 2016 season, compared to about 3 per weekend in previous years, so I guess in 2017 I'll watch zero till they change the format.
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    The Renault Kwid Thread (Kwid Lovers)

    To all the Renault salespeople on here, stop trolling, it's not classy :p