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  • Hi there,
    I just bought a Truck with a Trailer in the UK and would like to Register it in Botswana. Could you please give me some help on the issue as to how I can get it done?
    I am a South African National.
    It is being shipped to Namibia and will arrive there on the 4th of Dec.
    Please email me at hjdejager@ananzi.co.za
    I would really appreciate your help

    Kind Regards,
    Hi I still have it, I dont have the warranty as I bought it from the forums here a couple months ago and didnt request one, (maybe its in the box, I'll check later tonight) otherwise I can drop the price to R1100 for you for the inconvenience
    Hi there, Do you still have the Asus 8800GT? If so, where are you and do you have the invoice(For warranty purposes)?
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