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    Dodgy website selling Nike sneaker?

    So this evening while I'm browsing Facebook, I see this promoted page which grabs my attention as its offering a pair of Nike Air Max 90s for R818 which is a ridiculously low price considering I bought my current pair two years ago for almost R900 on sale.
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    Should rugby union be recruiting American Football players?

    Hahahahaha. That's a very loose definition of "running around". You know what I meant to say was that they're not running at speed, all the time. So claiming that these okes run for 80 minutes is the stuff of myth...if they did, we'd have rugby players dying of heart attacks.
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    Should rugby union be recruiting American Football players?

    This thread is hypothetical, forget the politicians for a bit. Hell, if there was a Martian would could handle an oval ball passed to him at lightening speed, I'd want him to play for the Boks.
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    Should rugby union be recruiting American Football players?

    It's an absolute myth that rugby players "run" for 80 minutes. Obviously the discipline required for both sports are different, and that's probably what you're suggesting.
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    Should rugby union be recruiting American Football players?

    I was just thinking about this on the way to work this morning, and with the Springboks expected to be clobbered on their Australasian tour: Why can't we recruit former college gridiron players to come and play rugby union? The transition has been made before from both rugby codes to...
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    Anyone watched Naked and Afraid?

    The other day I was on twitter when one of the people I'm following tweeted about #NakedAndAfraid being "the most caucacious show on tv"- basically something that only crazy white people would do. Here's the premise: Take two survivalists (male and female) drop them in a...
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    UnoTelly+ Sony Bravia...won't connect to online services

    I signed up for UnoTelly subscription, and it works like a charm on my PC...I'm able to stream Hulu, Spotify, Pandora, etc without any issues. My Sony Bravia downloaded the latest software update (or perhaps its the North American version) which includes NHL, Hulu Plus, and NetFlix along with...
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    Someone stole my Polo's centre wheel caps...Fiyah Burn Dem!!!

    I've been up and down the last couple of days I only noticed today that the wheels on my Polo looked a bit funny, in no time I realised the caps had been knicked off the car's alloys. It most probably happened when I parked in front of Somerset Hospital on Wednesday evening, outside the old BMW...
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    Telkom line installation...should I prepare for the worst?

    Just got off the phone to a Telkom service consultant who was probably laughing under her breath as I expressed my frustration with her employer. So today, almost a month after I cancelled my Telkom service at the previous flat I was living at in Parklands (Main Road), a Telkom technician who...
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    Help me connect my PS3 + Sony Bravia TV + Samsung Smart TV to the internet

    Here's the problem: About a month ago I got Telkom 384k ADSL which is sufficient for me because I really just use it as a stable internet connection, and for the occasional download. My computer is upstairs so I used a wifi adapter, and managed to connect to the internet without much of a...
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    Clarks Wallabees in Cape Town?

    Anyone knows where I can get a pair in Cape Town? Seriosly not down for an internet purchase.
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    My LG KS360's screen just died:(

    Bought the phone on April 9, just over a month later on May 14 it's screen went sign, no nothing...just went dead while I was listening to mp3's. Took it back to the shop where I bought it and who knows when I'll be getting it back.:mad: It's possibly the crappiest phone I've owned...
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    Malema: ANC taught Sam manners

    Hmmmm:D I'm waiting for the folks at the HRC and homeless peoples advocates to protest at this statement. ROLMAO....Serves you right Sam. I'm waiting for the day that Julius gets ditched, or shafted through some political maneuvering.:D Wrong, I was at an ANC meeting where there were...
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    Phantsi ngo SABC

    WTF happened to the radio commentary? I finally managed to get onto the stream and instead they're playing some BS music from the 80s.:mad:
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    What phone for my upgrade on Vodacom?

    Need some advice from you guys out there on Vodacom upgrade packages. I'm seriously considering the SE here's the question...What's the pay-in if I'm upgrading? Currently on a business call contract. Checked out the Vodacom website but it's vague WRT to upgrades. Also are there any...