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    TP-Link 450mbps Dual-Band Wireless N Gigabit router TL-WR2543ND [S]

    Item name: TP-Link 450mbps Dual-Band Wireless-N Gigabit router TL-WR2543ND Age and condition: Bought in September 2012. In good condition. Do you include packaging: No Warranty: No Reason for selling: No longer need range extender. Price: R250 Location: Muizenberg / Tokai Shipping or collection...
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    iAmdissapointed - First time apple product owner.

    OP your options are: overseas account, jailbreak it or get an android tablet. Personally, I believe this is something you should have researched before buying the device. Its not like regional content restrictions are an Apple only specific phenomenon. But ignore me, I'm just sick and grumpy.
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    Apple has lost it's innovation

    Something they called Blackberry, they still around? :p
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    Apple has lost it's innovation

    OP, why has Apple lost its innovation? If you look at the companies history, there are greater periods than a few years where ground-breaking products weren't released. Does Apple then keep losing and then finding their inspiration over again? If anything, you should blame Apple's competitors...
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    BBM for iPhone 4

    Interestingly, it is very different in other markets like the US. Due to the relatively low market share in these markets, BBM is not a factor that keeps people buying BB. Rumours have it that as so many people are leaving the BB platform to join their friends on Android or iOS, RIM is...
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    Control XBMC over wifi ?

    Same here. What device you using?
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    Muggers Demand iPhone, Turn Down Android

    Ironic that a mugger prefers a walled garden...
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    ADSL router suggestions

    Hi everyone :) So my house mate is moving out and he is taking his router with him, so I need a replacement. My requirements are for it to have 1) wireless n and 2) some gigabit ethernet ports. Any thoughts? I don't need business grade stuff so basically the cheapest option that isn't a...
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    Dial up to dsl change issues

    Hi Working on a family members computer (Win XP SP2), I recently installed their new adsl line. They were on dial up before hand. I find that the PC doesn't use the dsl connection for more than 10 minute and/or when I close Outlook or a browser. It refuses to connect to the internet after this...
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    Buying the iPhone 4

    you can turn a normal sim into a micro sim by simply cutting the excess plastic off. There are guides online ;) But yes, US phones are network locked.
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    iPads at iGear

    I have had a bad experience with iGear. Wait until someone else gets them ;)
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    Steve Jobs: Folks Who Want Porn Can Buy Android

    Why do you need a porn app anyway? Just open Safari and fap away. Not sure why you would want to on that tiny screen anyway.... ****it, not even sure why you want an app on a phone ;) The best feature I've ever had on a phone is a torch, R250 Samsung FTW!!! :p But I guess I only have this...
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    Steam closed beta

    Just wondering if anyone else has applied and whether anyone has been accepted yet?