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  • Hi CT Guy.

    Thanks for that snippet of information! I still maintain it would have been the perfect spot for the Stadium bar of course the issue of accommodation which is plentiful in the City Bowl and surrounds. Youngsfield would have been for post 2010 Sporting Events in my opinion better for people that actually enjoy Sport and Soccer and live nearer to that area. The existing road and train lines would have made it easier for those people to gain access and support the Stadium after the 2010 Soccer Cup which I think is an important issue too.

    The land is owned by Public Works. There are plans afoot for housing. I am not really sure as this sort of planning does not always include the public as it is State Land as in National or Provincial.
    Last I heard was that the Defence Force wanted to keep the land in any event?

    Well, nice chatting.
    Hi my name is Ash, and my friends(From Ireland) started that website,its stil pretty new but i write articles for the site.I ran the idea of writing a blog about 2010 past them and they think itl be a great idea if i can do that every 3 or 4 weeks or so. Giving a build up to the tournament,updates with the stadiums,places for visitors to go etc etc.
    Im busy writing the 1St blog and itl be more of an intro type blog.I would appreciate if you could help me with pictures and updates on stadium info.
    My email address is ashrafstakala@gmail.com.
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