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  • Thanks for the birthday wishes Yuu, it's very thoughtful of you to have picked that up. Appreciate it!
    Hi Cara... try as I may I cant seem to find a way to pm you.... advise please?

    Howzit Cara,

    I won in conjunction with RichardG (the rugby prediction competition).

    I have no idea what my prize is, but I'll pm my details so you can send it over pls ;)

    Very excited, haven't won something in.. ages :p

    Thanks a million to all involved.

    Best regards,

    Hey Cara,

    I've forwarded you my contact details, and once again thank you to rpm, and to the whole entire My Broadband community for making me a be a winner for once, than a loser ;)

    And yeah, I'd like a XL shirt, just to be on the safe side, if I am also going to receive a T-SHIRT, as merchandise :) :)

    Very priceless, myBB, will wear it everyday, not even wash it sleep with it,eat with it, bath with it :) Kidding :)

    Thank you, Thank You.
    Hi again

    Sorry for the delay in my reply - I didn't see your message.

    XXXL would be great. Thanks!

    Let me know if you need any further info.

    Many thanks

    Hi Jay

    Thank you for the details below.

    We have XXXL and XXL ... which size is best for you?

    Best regards,

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