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    Cell C - Data Bundle Extension

    Hello, With reference to Cell C having taken action by allowing customers to extend data bundle expiration dates, by purchasing additional data: Please can you answer these questions for me: 1) Is it possible to extend my existing "Cell C 100 GIGA" 12 month prepaid data bundle that expires on...
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    SMS bundles to other Networks?

    Hello, If I purchase an sms bundle from either Cell C, MTN or Vodacom, am I limited to sending in-bundle sms' to the same network, or can I also send sms' at the in-bundle rates to other networks? For example: If I purchase a Cell C sms bundle, can I send an in-bundle sms to Vodacom? If...
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    How do I Install Apache, Mysql, PHP on Ubuntu Desktop Edition via Ubuntu Server CD?

    Hi, I have installed Ubuntu 11.04 desktop edition. I do not want to download the Apache, Mysql, PHP software directly from the repository via my Ubuntu Desktop 11.04 Edition. I would prefer to extract and install Apache, Mysql and PHP directly from the CD that I have for the Ubuntu 11.04...