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    DStv Now streaming problems

    This is what happens when publications like MyBroadband actively promote subscribers giving their DStv Now logins to friends so that they can watch RWC for free. More logins than expected results in poor service. Personally I believe that MC should have opened the springbok games to more people...
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    MyBroadband Security Challenge – Win prizes worth R5,000

    HAL 9001 has successfully been terminated... ======================= Results: centurionguy Final Time: 00:19:46 Thanks wizardofid. The password was killing me. (BTW actual time was over 4 hours. I restarted several times to look for password clues)
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    MyBroadband Security Challenge – Win prizes worth R5,000

    pretend you are sending text on an old cell phone
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    MyBroadband Security Challenge – Win prizes worth R5,000

    did the first 9 in about 15 minutes. have spent about 3 hours on the final password. Grrrrr
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    MyBroadband Security Challenge – Win prizes worth R5,000

    read Dave Bowmans journal. No, better still, LOOK AT Dave Bowmans journale
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    Vodacom cancellation hassles

    Has anyone else had a problem cancelling business services with Vodacom? I am trying to cancel some of our corporate services. I have written to and attached a signed letter from our directors along with a directors ID, as required. I then receive a reference number...
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    Why do you use Internet speed tests?

    I use speed tests about once to a week to diagnose connection issues on our network. If the internet connection is satisfactory, then I may have to dig deeper into the users local connection.
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    Netflix crushes Prime Video in South Africa

    Prime has several other benefits such as free books and audio books, free online photo storage, music channels.
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    FNB launches support for Samsung Pay

    Standard Bank need to come to the party. While their Mastercards have been on the system since inception, VISA cards are still not accepted by Samsung Pay.
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    DStv Premium vs Netflix and Fibre

    You missed an important difference in the two - How easy it is to get. Netflix: Go online and sign-up DSTV: Enter your contact details and wait for us to call you. (I've been waiting two weeks now, and I've sent multiple requests both on the DSTV website and on Messenger)
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    How to prevent load-shedding from frying your smartphone and PC

    "Purchase a UPS", "Purchase a generator", blah blah blah blah. All this costs money. How about a tax rebate for everything I have to spend to keep my business going? How about removing VAT from such products?