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    Discovery Vitality 2020

    Got my insure fuel cashback on Friday and my gym booster today. Finally!
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    Mecer 2400VA Inverter (Review)

    This thread proved to be most helpful. Thank you to all the comments/suggestions/advice. I picked up my battery today, just waiting for the inverter to arrive, then I'll be ready for load-shedding. Just wanting to run my TV and fibre router and maybe one lamp. Battery - Vision 100Ah 12V Deep...
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    Samsung Pay South Africa

    About eighteen months later Nedbank finally decides to join the party. So it is basically then just Capitec that is not supported, all the 'big banks' are on it now.
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    Do you use mobile payments?

    Samsung Pay. If you don't allow it, I don't shop with you. Simple as that.
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    Have you used the SA Post Office in 2019/2020?

    Car Licence renewal and collecting packages from Ali Express.
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    Discovery Vitality 2020

    If you look at the help page you will notice the first 3 issues acknowledges that there is a problem and that they are working on it.
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    Are you planning to buy a new smartphone in 2020?

    My contract is up for renewal in October. I may just go back to the Note series then. But it will depend on the price.
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    Why it’s not so easy to get a free smoothie with Discovery’s new rewards system

    "Previously, a single play on the board would have scored enough points for a member to get a free smoothie as a reward for meeting their daily goal." This is incorrect. A smoothly previously cost 40 points and the minimum play was 25 points. So basically two plays ensured a free smoothy, not a...
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    Discovery Bank [2018]

    I got all my money back for gym fees. Are you on the new or old system?
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    The official running thread™

    Dischem 21K done at 2:17. Not too bad for the first race of the year. My first time on this race and I quite enjoyed it. The climb in the second half was nice and challenging, I had to walk a few times. I still think the Randburg Harriers is tougher when it comes to hills though.
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    The official running thread™

    I'm doing it. It will be my first Dischem and first race of the year. I hope it won't be too bad, I've been running over the December holidays, but only 5ks at a time. Otherwise I see a lot of walking on Sunday....
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    Discovery Banks Mess

    FNB gave people 'free' money last year and took it back the next day. I've also been in a PnP one year trying to pay with my FNB card when the cashier told me FNB was offline. Had to leave my stuff there and go back the next day. Thankfully it does not happen often, but it does happen.
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    Discovery Vitality 2020

    Health check done! 24 000 points just like that
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    Samsung Pay South Africa

    I was at Shell the other day and their normal tap and pay machine was not working, only the old one. The cashier said that I cant tap, I have to use a card, so I told her I will show her how to do the transaction. She was sceptical at first, but when it went through, she was majorly impressed...