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    Evetech Relocating

    Also find it very weird that they are not trusting their customers, without whom they cannot survive, to tell us where they are relocating to, or how they are re-organizing to accommodate a new business model/operations process. We shall find out in due course in any way.
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    Email Client Setup for Afrihost-hosted Website with Email

    We have a website with a SSL certificate that is hosted by Afrihost on a Shared Linux Website Hosting Plan on a domain. The email accounts are set up as The Mail Clients for testing are Outlook (Windows) and Thunderbird (Both on Windows and on Ubuntu). The mail...
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    Re-order Icons of Firefox Instances on Windows 10 Taskbar

    I have my Windows 10 Taskbar options set to Never combine the icons for multiple instances of the same program. When I open 3 separate windows of Firefox in order 1, 2, 3, then the icons for those instances are displayed on the Windows Taskbar in order 1, 2, 3. Now, in order to organize my...
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    Mind the speed ISP

    Openserve Fiber not Released by MTS Is there anybody that can assist me to get my Openserve fibre released by Mind the Speed ISP? My contract with MTS terminated on 31 March 2021, but today on the 6 April, my fibre is still linked to MTS, instead of being in the Openserve Holding Pool where a...
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    Mind the speed ISP

    Today is the 3rd April and Mind the Speed has still not released my fibre after my contract with them terminated on 31 Mar. My new ISP cannot connect my fibre before Mind the Speed releases it. Therefore it is a long weekend without Internet for us !
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    WebAfrica - Zyxel vmg3625

    Can anyone using this router please remind me how to safely remove the stand/mounting bracket from the main body of the router ? I have done it before but tonight I cannot get the bracket out and I do not want to 'force' it and break something.
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    Afrihost: Please supply better "free" routers

    Just for comparison, does anyone here know which free router is currently supplied by Vox Telecom in their FTTH packages ? I have heard that it is a MikroTik router.
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    Vox Telecom Website Problems

    Since the weekend I have problems connecting to and interacting with the Vox website to get info about the new Fibre packages on Openserve fibre. Do they have a problem or is the issue on my side only ?
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    Afrihost: Please supply better "free" routers

    If I sign up for a new 25/25Mbps fibre connection this month with a free router, will I receive the Huawei WS5200 router ? No other router options ?
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    Openserve Temp Speed Upgrades

    Thanks to GRANTDUKE for the tip. I have rebooted all devices and now I am on the Upgraded network speed.
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    Openserve Temp Speed Upgrades

    Also still waiting for Temp Speed Upgrades in Lyttelton, Centurion, on a relatively new Openserve fibre network, which was installed in September 2019.
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    Test your speed and win prizes worth R5,000

    Since we got fibre last year, we usually do a speed test every day to verify the network performance. An app shows the real-time network traffic graph. The graph clearly shows the download data and thereafter the upload data for the test, with a 15 second duration for each of both tests. No...
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    iPad 1 Backup - Apps Included

    Thanks for the invite to join the Apple club, but I have decided not to accept: I am quite happy with my Windows 7 laptop and my Android Galaxy SII. The iPad is neither a PC nor a mobile phone, it is somewhere in the middle and I do not have any use for it. Also, I am an electronics engineer...
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    iPad 1 Backup - Apps Included

    Very interesting challenge - I certain do accept it ! I have never closed my mind to the Apple stuff or said that I cannot learn anything from Apple or that it is not as good as the Windows environment. At this stage, it is mostly a case of time available to learn a new environment. It...