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  • Pish what is it going to do? Snake me to death? :D What do you expect, the thing is a mini PC.
    My bitch is just the opposite... she insists on sleeping on the deck or in an open external doorway, come summer or winter.[/Q
    I think you do but you know that here it's displayed publically.

    Try relax a lil & don't get worked up so easily
    actually i guess i will still be around.won't be spamming on this account until all problems have been fixed (actually i won't ever spam again because it has somewhat become less enjoyable)
    To Everyone that is perhaps looking for me at times:

    I don't log in every day but I do get PM notices sent to my email :) So please do send a PM if you are looking for me I will get back to you as soon as I see the notice. Be it here or in my email.

    Have a great time all!

    LOL I take that as a no... (it a band)

    anyway do you listen to
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