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    Things that irritate you - Part 2

    Those guys are real Kamikaze pilots,wont be long before one gets run over. I admire Checkers for introducing a delivery service, but they should do away with the 60m thing, it's putting the delivery guys under pressure causing them to take unnecessary risks on the road.
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    F1 2021: New season discussion and chat

    So no team hugs then :unsure:
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    Cape Town plans to introduce new alcohol laws in two phases

    Soon to come, alcohol levy
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    SARS will look at your Facebook, credit cards and other data to see what tax you owe, say experts

    If they look at my facebook profile, I'll probably get a rebate.
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    Last nights Win 10 update - beware.

    Oh crap hope my gaming pc is alright, I let it update and shutdown last night before bedtime :oops:
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    F1 2021: New season discussion and chat

    Mrs Brady old lady
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    Old second hand car prices.

    But they were such fun, I had an XLE
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    Eskom load-shedding warning - 14,925MW breakdowns and 4,759MW maintenance

    Couldn't be bothered, shed away, my backup power works just fine.
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    Spearfisherman tells of vicious, ‘near-death’ attack by determined seal

    Hectic, where are those useless great whites when you need them.
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    What game are you playing now? (Part 2)

    Chernobylite, I'm hooked.
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    Do you use cash?

    Yes; for tips, parking, the local pub, the vending machine at work and small payments. I also keep a stash at home in a safe place for emergencies.
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    New changes will make it easier to get your car licence in South Africa

    "The service is offered in all provinces except the Western Cape. However, SAPO said that it expects to provide the service in the province soon" Ooh I hope so!