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  • Sup man
    Was checking out digitaladdiction
    and noticed on the top left of the site you still have "We wish all our Customer a Merry Christmas"
    :) thought I'd point it out
    Hi, I have read your job offer and would like to know if its still available. Thanx
    I do have my own car and i'm in the JHB arwa
    Oh and as for damage to CTI's reputation, dude, CTI would not enrole thousands of students every year, and pass 80% of those to 3rd year if we had a bad reputation with the majority of people!
    No my friend, I just realised that there is no point in winning this argument as I am arguing with such a small percentage of haters. I'd rather focus my energies on the much bigger percentage of people not hating. I've laid out all of my facts, stood for what I believe in and debated fairly. I see no point in trying to win over such a small minority.
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