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    PC Link Computers: Legit?

    *** - Update 22 Nov - I have received a full refund ** Update 19 Nov - was cc'd on an email to Payfast authorising a refund to me Paid R1163 for a laptop battery to PC-Link on 25 August. Nothing received 45 days later and no communication. On mentioning reversing the charge with my bank on 8...
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    Vodacom suffers network problems

    I am a new Vodacom Fibre user and have experienced about 4 significant outages this year since getting on the network, so much so that I have had to keep my Telkom LTE subscription for redundancy. In each case I visit the Vodacom website and can find no network status messages. I visit their...
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    Bad news for SA’s slow Internet

    Thanks R4ziel and Backstreetboy - I have reduced my pings to EU by about 150ms and can actually download international podcasts again. Am using the Windscribe VPN on their Build Package which allows you to pay $2 per month for one location, and you only need the SA server to sort out slow Telkom...
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    BF2142 is back online

    So a group of fans in the States have set up a Battlefield 2142 server including unlocks, leaderboard etc. The server is in Texas, and a New York server on its way. Ping from SA varies between 150 - 300+ (on Telkom ISP) but I am enjoying the gameplay regardless. You may not be able to beat the...
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    Fax to Email Solution?

    [Apologies if this is the wrong board - I did a search across all the boards and found none dealing directly with fax to email] FNB Connect decided to ditch all their fax customers on Sunday (with no prior warning). Judging by the lack of complaints I was one of their few customers for this...
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    Service Providers to Help Set Up a Private WLAN in Joburg

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to set up a private WLAN in a suburb in Joburg, connecting about 10 properties together (some are back to back). Anyone know of service providers that can help with a site survey, setting up masts etc? Thanks, Mike
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    Euphoria (Hosted PBX) - Anyone Using It

    Hi Everyone, I have been checking out Euphoria and Switchtel. Euphoria seems more expensive per extension but IP phones can be rented or leased as part of the package. Both are 30 day notice periods. I have seen positive reviews from users of Switchtel, can anyone out there using Euphoria...
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    FNB Talk - Say Nothing For Less

    Hi People. I have been using FNB Talk now since November 2010. Its very nicely priced (25c per min for all calls, pay as you go), but if less than 40% of your calls actually work then maybe their slogan should be "Say Nothing For Less" rather than "Say Hello for Less". How is everyone...
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    Massive Sundog over Joburg

    There has been a massive Sundog over Joburg for the last hour or more. Its very rare to see a Sundog doing a full 360 degree halo around the sun. Anyone got a camera to post some pics? Don't forget to protect your eyes when looking near the sun.
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    Unusual objects over Joburg

    At the time of posting if you look in the direction of the sun over Joburg you can see small flying objects high up in the sky, slightly reflective. They have been there since 1 pm or earlier. Some of them are flying at a lower altitude and they seem to be flapping. The closest ones I have seen...
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    Looking for Trixbox Consultant (Jhb)

    I want to get a Trixbox PBX installed for our small office (2 ISDN BR, 16 extensions) but can't find anyone in the Johannesburg area who does this. Those I have found through Google invariably end up selling me some other Asterisk variation like PBX In A Flash or Elastix. I like the GUI...