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    Fiber for estate

    Hi guys, I got a bit of a question. My friend does fiber installs and trenching etc. So we kind of help each other out when need be. I do network installs and use 90% mikrotik equipment to manage my networks at client on site. He is trenching and installing fiber thru out a very big new...
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    Open ports

    Hi Guys, On Rain's uncapped sim for R250 p/m does anyone know if you can open specific ports on the router in order to access services hosted on your pc. I have a machine at my house I need to login to all the time to send invoice to customers etc. I do not want to use something like Teamviewer...
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    Test your mobile network and win prizes worth R5,000

    Network - Telkom mobile Location - Germiston/lambton
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    Afrihost Cell C network problems

    Cellc with Afrihost down again in lambton [emoji35][emoji35] ridiculous.
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    VPS required, local or international

    Hostafrica's support is really good, but unless you know how SSH works and are willing to get your hands dirty I would not go with them. And since they host their cloud servers at Hetzner and Hetzner recently got hacked my VPS has been blacklisted 3 times already cause I just cannot get to the...
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    The official Mikrotik router thread

    Hi Thor, Setting up more than one network on mikrotik is fairly easy. If you need help give me a PM and I will gladly send you my cell and we can talk it thru on whatsapp or a call.
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    Afrihost APN on their Cell C fixed wireless offer

    I also get random disconnects in Germiston area with full 4G signal and then it can last for up too 10 minutes.
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    Webafrica VOIP not showing ported number

    Hi Guys, So I have this client that recently decided to move to Webafrica. Vuma provided the install for his fiber. Apparently its working really well. At the same time they sold him the idea of porting his 011 number from telkom as well. All good and well after numerous phone calls eventually...
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    The official Mikrotik router thread

    I use the RB750Gr3 at about 15 of my clients. All of them which connects to a L2TP/IPSec vpn to my hex lite at my home office this in turn gives me access to any customers network when I need to make changes. I would disagree about ubiquity APs being the best. Yes its a really awesome product...
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    The pros and cons of your ISP managing your router

    I am so glad I manage most of my customers networks with mikrotik equipment .
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    Cellc (Afrihost) - Cancellation fee..

    Always a catch somewhere had the same issue with Webafrica had to pay around R5500 cancellation fees when I moved house and their is no fiber in the new house :(
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    What is needed to dial through my PC

    You will need Zoiper. And a 2Mbs upload speed at least. With very low latency. Then you need a sip account from a provider and credit to dialout. Fatbudgie,SIACOM and lots of others provides these type of accounts.
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    Neotel Fibre & SIP / Yeastar PBX

    Check if NAT option is ticked under your extensions. If the trunk registers is more likely firewall isseu.