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  • Hey Crusader.... If u can spare a moment, I need some advice with a telescope I am looking to buy. Let me say 1st off that i am a total noob wrt. telescopes and how to use them, but have spent the last two weeks reading up on astronomy, (including the entire astronomy thread on these forums, you tube vids, manufacturers websites, SA retailers websites. etc) I have taped my VERY OLD 12x50 binocs to a camera tripod and spent nights outside finding (or trying to find) and looking at various objects. My biggest issues have been city lights (live in Table View cpt) and/or the bright/full moon the last few days. My basic question is this. As someone very new to astronomy with less than perfect viewing conditions, should I rather be looking at a 8" "push to" scope, or a 10" classic dob. for the same price. Secondly the web is littered with articles saying that one should stay away from photography shops in malls when buying a scope, however (see next msg)
    I have found a "Sky-Watcher 200mm (8") F/1200 Parabolic Truss-Tube Dobsonian" in a photographic shop in a mall for R5999.00 (I am assuming that it has been incorrectly priced, as the best price on the web is R6640.00.) In your opinion... is this a good enough scope, not only for a beginner, but this will be the only scope I buy for many MANY years (or so my wife says.) Answers to other basic questions I have seen you ask ppl ,asking for advice are. 1. No Stairs - I would be able to move the scope 4 meters from where I store it, to the best spot for viewing at my house. 2. I would like to move the scope out of town on weekends away to our house at the dam (no lights for 18 kms in all directions) and have a big enough vehicle to do so. 3. Max budget of R8000.00 4. I want to view both planets, as well as deep space. PLEASE HELP, and tell me what to buy... my brain has become jelly standing in the sun, and I need some-one that knows more than me to tell me what to do :p Thanks in advance!
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