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    What would attract you to a position in East London?

    $$$ / MSP with interesting clients to work with / Azure related work Been with my current company almost 6 years and everything is good, but more $$$ is always great.
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    DA charges FF+ politician after k-word rant caught on video

    Was that a rant ? I'm pretty sure it wasn't.
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    Your top 3 TV series of all time

    Battlestar Galactica Breaking Bad Dexter .... gonna sneak in Hannibal there too :p
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    Eskom could sell some coal-powered plants to raise R450bn

    Hell if they can find a buyer.... sell it .... but would someone actually want to purchase ?
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    Boet Fighter

    Haha ... Hard Eddy.... he has/had a funny youtube channel.... video's are about 5 years + old...
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    Windows Server 2008 - Prize giveaway

    Windows Server 2019 commands massively scalable and hardware-agnostic storage, networking and compute from a single interface, all while reducing your expenses.
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    Five things you need to know about the new National Health Insurance Bill

    The only real reason I'm against the NHI is because the R250 billion they estimate it will cost, is going to cost R2.3 trillion after corruption.
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    It's just a Roman salute, says school in 'Nazi' matric photograph furore

    Doesn't phase me one bit that there is a photo of people doing silly stuff..... pretty stupid that it was published on a public platform though.
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    Feels about SA

    More like mass executions needed. I'm leaving as soon as my daughters passport comes through.
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    Justice facing charges of hate speech says he is 'entitled' to use idioms

    Snowflake lefties will use any opportunity they can.
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    BMF objects to white male appointed as Mango CEO

    They upset because they won't be able to loot as effectively without a corrupt black POS at the helm.
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    Student Expelled After Saying ‘There Are Only 2 Genders’

    He was spot on , people can identify as whatever they want, but there is male and female at the end of the day. Teacher seems pretty adamant to cut any discussion on the topic. Leftist scum :)
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    EFF bid to declare apartheid-era Riotous Assemblies Act unconstitutional dismissed

    Little Hitler wants less barriers to his goals.