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    You can now register a business in South Africa for R175 – here’s what you need to know

    It's rather sad that you can't actually register a new account. So much for trying to go the legal route...
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    Pierre van ryneveld ftth/ wireless fibre

    I asked them earlier this week and this was the response: Their response of downplaying rain is actually amusing, considering what @cavedog posted above.
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    Unlocked the 5G connection today

    Interesting choice of words. Is there a 5G map for rain, or do you simply mean your tower isn't activated for 5G yet?
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    This is how many South African homes have a fibre connection

    And then you have the Aerosud side of PvR which has been completely forgotten.
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    Industrial Coffee Machine

    Hi there I'm in the market to buy an industrial coffee machine, specifically to help someone that wants to start serving coffee at one of the many evening markets. I have absolutely no idea where to start or what to look for in such a machine. If anyone with experience is willing to answer a...
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    Altstore lets you play Nintendo games on your iPhone

    Would you like some more salt with that?
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    Rain and Huawei to launch new 5G products

    They'd be swamped with orders if people can see the coverage and it'll very quickly deteriorate. That's why they're doing a phased rollout.
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    Did you get a salary increase this year?

    Twice a year.
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    Too good to be true? Uncapped LTE

    I was judging by the post I quoted which made no mention of technology used apart from WiFi. I also saw the screenshots posted later by @Steponitgal, so it seems they are indeed complicit.
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    Too good to be true? Uncapped LTE

    I don't want to defend, but let's not paint everyone with the same brush. The ad says WiFi not LTE - which can mean anything really. Cybermind Systems does look like a legit company though. If you look at their prices it seems pretty average compared to ISPs such as Afrihost. The fact that...
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    Mi Link

    In my own opinion, posts > 2 months are old. Imagine having a conversation with someone: "hey, remember that conversation we had 2 months ago". Probably not. :)
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    Mi Link

    Nice necro. Looking at the device, it's clear that its a cheap Android phone that acts as a modem (which is why the "modem" supports only 8-10 device connections). You can even see the camera on the top right corner of this "modem". So to answer your question, it probably runs Android.