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    Gears 5 on steam

    I'm in Canada - and in Canadian store it is $80 CAD with the ultimate edition sitting at a pretty $99,99 so would say regional pricing for sure
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    Government to introduce ‘harsh measures’ to enforce transformation in South Africa

    Still beating a dead horse eh? Maybe one day it will rise up and run the race - but today isn't that day
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    What game are you playing now ?

    7 Days to Die and Fantasy Grounds (hosting D&D sessions weekly
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    Hyundai - Navigation Maps

    By my reckoning it should be a standard feature (unless it uses something like Apple / Google Carplay. Even then it is crappy. What does the manual say? Perhaps you have to sign up on a website somewhere to lock the car to your territory to get the maps? *just some thoughts*
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    Western Cape doesn't have to rely only on Eskom - DA's Mazzone

    This is similar to the ISP self provisioning network case that we won against old Ivy back in the day... I really hope that they give them a good bloody nose for this case!
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    Renault SA crap incompetent service!! Bunch of clueless clowns!!

    Honestly - they should have just given you a new vehicle because that one is so borked... Agreed with above - Ombudsman and see what pressure he can put on them
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    167 school children crammed into Tshwane bus

    So, blame the City, rather than the school / driver for the issue? Seems like a low blow to me
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    Thieves leave Cape Town municipal swimming pool users high and dry

    I'm slightly disappointed that they stole pipers and stuff and not the water...
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    South Africa’s new land expropriation changes – here’s what is coming next

    Like the government has ever cared about international laws (recently with Mozambique, Zimbabwe etc) .... keep dreaming
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    White voters may rescue the ANC

    My F*k Marelize!
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    High Court rules against Eskom in landmark power cut case

    I don't think it was ever *on* the table... ANC has their roots there and would lose way too many votahs there if they ever did
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    'Hungry' monkeys invade Durban hospital

    Why no burglar bars or other entrance arrestors ? Should be simple enough to put bars or cages over the windows... *ANC Tenderpreneur whiff incoming*
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    2019 Renault Clio (Generation 5)

    I'll be very interested to see the outside. For me the 4th Gen was sexy as hell and a big step up in the range. This interior looks stylish and slick - with great features (probably most would be top of the range stuff)