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    2012 Currie Cup Rugby final: predict the score

    Sharks to extend Weer Probeers 11 year trophy drought into the 12th year. Sharks 28 WP 20
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    Apple iPhone 5 pre-orders become available

    I am sure you know what he means.
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    Standard Bank App
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    Find out amount of 3G Data used
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    Help with rugby times?

    Supersport App?
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    Bulls rock Thread

    I bet the 12 Bulls players who left after last season are thinking they left at the right time. And on the other hand, how will you feel when a team of big guys wearing pink beats your team? LOL
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    RWC 2015 - England?

    WRT to the game times it will be good cos of the small difference.
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    Rugby in general.

    That comment wasn't biased at all. It makes complete sense and I am not a WP supporter either. AC has turned that squad around which I though was pretty obvious. Province are only going to go from strength to strength. They have some good momentum carrying them into the S15.
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    Bulls rock Thread

    What are your guys thoughts on the game this weekend? Think its going to be tough, an eye opener perhaps? Aussies are looking super hot BTW and I am more worried about them for next years RWC than anyone else.
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    Rugby in general.

    It seems some people forget that its awards for the year and not a 1 or 2 game award. Personally I am really happy with all the awards except for the young player. Lambie was head and shoulders above the rest and he deserved it. I don't think he is worried about it too much. He is still very...
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    Sharks Supporters Thread

    I haven't been online since the weekend..... Well done to the Sharks, you guys played a better game on the day.... :) Good Luck in the final.
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    Bulls rock Thread

    I have been so busy I have not been on this week yet. That game of rugby was not entertaining at all. :( I was hoping for some great rugby. WTH with the bees? Well done to the Sharks, they played a better game on the day. As for WP, I hope they win it. They have not won it in a while. :)
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    Bulls rock Thread

    The Saders know that VERY well..... :D
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    Bulls rock Thread

    You right & there is no point in getting so upset about it now. We just need to suck it up & give it everything we got.
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    Sharks Supporters Thread

    It's not about being a "B" team or anything, I think its about tactics. Its hard to decide. If you don't rest your key players, they can get tired & start playing "badly" or pick up an injury much easier. Then you can count them out for Semi's or Finals. OR You could rest them but then they...