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    You can now run your Android phone's apps on your PC through the Your Phone Windows 10 app

    And Only from 9, and certain models, oh ... and you must be signed up for the Windows Insiders [crash url here] update. So rush out and buy a Somesang (somecried) and crash your Windows PC daily :ROFL: :p;)
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    Strong growth in online alcohol sales in South Africa

    What a load of rubbissh ! nobody can buy alcohol online ! Got nothing else to write Jamie ?
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    Amazon gets approval for Internet-beaming satellite constellation

    Satellites are very, very tiny little small objects, most of them burn up if they fall back to Earth - that is how small they are; Earth is very very enormously largely big, when compared to them. Think atoms and a coin. The further you get away from Earth the bigger the circumference gets.
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    Great tech deals from Takealot and Incredible Connection

    Yaaaawwwnnnn :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :ROFL:
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    AMD grabs chunk of Intel's server chip market share

    he he he :sneaky: :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    How Takealot crushed Makro

    There is no Quality Control, they just sell :rolleyes:
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    How Takealot crushed Makro

    Makro - get a modern cloud, and fix up your logistics
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    Huawei Watch GT 2e vs Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

    Samsung: you are a rip-off company, shame, using your name to sell. like crapple.
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    ICASA accidentally gave emergency coronavirus hotline the same number as Vodacom call centre

    w T F is " harmonise and mandate" b* sh !T Might as well say "I'm going to eloquet muskies forsically"
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    Vodacom prepaid customers hit by airtime theft

    :mad: I knew about Vodascum doing this in 2009, they had been charging me for 2 years already. I switched to Cell C and have never looked back.
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    Lightspeed Leisure - From R199 per month for a 500Mbps connection

    I agree, @RVFmal , overkill especially