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    New online store offers boutique wines at great prices

    Yep Also never heard of a Malbec put together like this... Akkerdal Malbec 2015 This unique blend of Shiraz/Mourvedre/Grenache Noir/Carigan/Viognier Seems this is a copy and paste exercise Kallie’s Dream 2015 This unique blend of Shiraz/Mourvedre/Grenache Noir/Carigan/Viognier
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    Second hard lockdown warning for South Africa
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    Decent Coffee

    No idea. I am totally electronic/electric repair impaired!
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    Do you still listen to the radio?

    Only listen to Barney Simon on a Sun morning
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    Decent Coffee

    Cannot see it available in SA
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    Decent Coffee

    So my POS Melitta grinder just ground to a halt this morning:mad: All of a sudden everything electric is at ridiculous prices again. Will have to see perhaps get a good manual grinder Grr....
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    The fine wine thread

    I just had the Woolies version
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    The fine wine thread

    The new Diemersdal 2020 Sauv Blanc is delish!
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    Whisk(e)y Lovers thread

    For the pot (peat) heads out there.... Dear Bottega Whiskey Club Member We have receive additional stock of the Ardbeg Wee Beastie @ R595 each.
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    Whisk(e)y Lovers thread

    If you like Irish, you will enjoy Powers. Often overlooked as it has a strange name and label, but worth it. Sometimes available at Makro, but they have dropped the ball (Centurion)
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    Best Salt/Pepper grinder thread

    Got this from Boardmans many moons ago
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    Whisk(e)y Lovers thread

    You only live once!
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    Afrihost - Pure Fibre Feedback Thread

    @AfriNatic Just plugged in my new Gigabit Ethernet adapter :love: Ping: 4ms Download: 193.7Mbps Upload: 97.46Mbps Thanx again for the trouble-shoot and solution!