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    Bungling ANC registered wrong candidate for municipal polls in Mpumalanga, residents demand redress

    Shock and Horror. Who would of expected it. The most incompetent organization on the face of the earth makes a mistake *Shocked Face*.
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    World Bank approves R11.4 billion loan for South Africa

    Pathetic - What idiot at the world bank looks at the way our Guavamint handles money and says "Yep - this is a good idea". I mean WHERE THE **** did the 500 Billion from Covid relief fund go?????
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    Which enterprise firewall to go for?

    This is extremely over spec'd. Sophos XGS 136 - would sort you with ease. They trying to make big bucks.
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    Which enterprise firewall to go for?

    XGS2100 just for an IPSec? I mean what are the other requirements for the firewall? What is the user count onsite? I mean the You could away with a much smaller XGS depending on your needs.
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    EFF visits restaurants to see gap between how many foreigners, South Africans hired

    ****ers cant even read. Just give them a list of random numbers and letters. Easy.
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    Solidarity and AfriForum launching legal action against the state of disaster

    Judging by the quality of your posts - I question your ability to grasp the ABC's.
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    Solidarity and AfriForum launching legal action against the state of disaster

    They can keep the NSoD no problem, just be real and change the reason from Covid to what the ANC has done to the country. It is a disaster.
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    All schools need fibre, says IEB after achieving 98.39% pass rate

    Not bashing or any thing. However, those kids are privileged- that's not a bad thing. Most parents could give up every cent they make and still not afford Private school. Just saying.
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    Los Angeles railway tracks littered with stolen packages

    SA is a shithole. I mean are you so thick that you think Saying "SA is a shithole" somehow precludes other places from also being shitholes?
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    Battle to lead ANC intensifies

    "Until Jesus comes Home"
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    What game are you playing now? (Part 2)

    Currently playing the Evil Within 2 - What a game! Next up is Mass Effect Legendary edition and then God of War on PC!!!
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    Ramaphosa whisked away from ANCWL event, amid security concerns, Covid-19 violations

    Head line seems sensationalized? Watch the video on the news page and they say it was because the venue/gathering wasn't covid regulation compliant - so he then left?
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    Win R2,000 - What is your biggest goal for 2022?

    To return to pre covid levels of chub. How: Calorie counting - Intermittent Fasting - Moderate exercise.
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    Higher minimum wage proposed for South Africa

    Sorry but I disagree. Even the people in rural areas are starting to catch on to the fact that the ANC make promises they have no way of keeping. The ANC are so dumb/arrogant that they think they can stay in power with this unmeetable promises.