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    Helooooooo Telkom....

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    Stage 4 blackouts caused by 158 of 160 municipalities not load-shedding enough - Eskom

    Krugersdorp (Mogale City) hasn't had any load shedding whatsoever since January. The rumor is that the local state hospital doesn't have standby generators, so the power has to stay on. Some will call us lucky but on the other hand...
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    Election-day problems blamed on IEC system outage

    This is what I got from the official IEC app, been voting since your grand-dad was in primary school...
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    Here are all the bank branches that will let you get your Smart ID or passport

    Now that is an interesting question that I've been pondering, I do not have an Absa account but it suggests an Absa branch automatically in my town. There doesn't seem to be any verification to see if you have an account at a particular bank. I will be highly surprised if they have access to the...
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    Here are all the bank branches that will let you get your Smart ID or passport

    "Home Affairs centres in bank branches don’t have this problem." I spent several hours to register my elderly neighbor on the system, tried various times during the day with the same dismal results. I eventually managed to book a time slot for him at Absa, Keywest, Krugersdorp. When he arrived...
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    Takealot vs Makro vs Everyshop vs Loot - Online shopping prices compared

    And a hearty LOL to Makro for their search engine.
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    Takealot vs Makro vs Everyshop vs Loot - Online shopping prices compared

    Ditto to all the kudos that go to Takealot, having bought from all the mentioned online shops. Just to add my 2c (ex Vat) worth, price is not everything. I've returned several items to Takealot within their 30 day policy, only one was a faulty product which was fetched and replaced within a...
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    Windows 11 officially rolls out

    Downloaded the Win11 ISO this morning and did a dual-boot with 10. When I booted back into 10 I noticed that 11 started downloading already, without asking me for permission or anything. The only way I could stop it was to pause updates for 7 days. According to info one is suppose to get a...
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    Axxess top-up fail

    So sad about Rain, I used them for a number of months until it rained on their party, ended up with 50 Kbps on a good day :crying: Vodacom has a 100GB / 100GB "uncapped" package for R399 pm month, but throttled at 10 Mbps and a 36 month contract. I must admit that it compares well to the fiber...
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    Axxess top-up fail

    @BayCityRoller, thanks for the heads-up, I did email Axxess and received what seems like automated replies, will see if I receive a direct answer. Regarding the Telkom prepaid, I actually am already using a prepaid Telkom SIM in my mobile phone, the 5gb /2 months package, will have a look at...
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    Axxess top-up fail

    I used the Axxess Android mobile app this morning in order to top up my Telkom account for R150/10gb. An error popped up in the app indicating that it wasn't successful. I immediately repeated the process and this time it was successful. Later on this morning I noticed that the first...
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    "Our 64K link to The Internet is up and running" - South Africa's first commercial Internet Service Provider

    Hehe, this is like sitting in a retirement home's lounge, sharing stories of bygone years. I accessed the Internet first in December 1994 on a beta version of Windows 95, using a 14400 modem via the MSN dial-up service.