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  • Hi Kolakidd, i have given this a hell of alot of thought, and was leaning towards MWEBS 385kbp/s business package, but at R135 more it's not worth it to me.
    They have a 512kbp/s package for less but it either too expensive or shaped to hell.

    I sent Saol an email asking for a 512kbp/s line and 30 gigs for around R500 and they replied to me again today, telling me they are considering it....
    For now im going to piss and moan, but stick with SAOL, because of their unshaped bandwidth.

    Also the competitors do not like p2p for torrents and at least i get my full speed when it counts.
    I have even been told by a Telkom technician that this will be in place by the beginning of August for the latest.
    I have not given SAOL my decision, because i am still holding out for my request.
    I would also like to know what you decide....

    Regards Mark.
    Hey I saw your tag on SAOL going from Zero to Hero. I used to rate their service as brilliant, and then a couple of weeks ago it all went pear shaped. Sent them three emails about three separate issues and no response.

    Out of curiosity what have you moved to?
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