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    Which prepaid for smart phone?

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    OCZ Vertex 4 vs Vertex 3 MAX IOPS...?

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    Apple has lost it's innovation

    AFAIK it's thicker and heavier. Mostly likely due to a bigger battery to power the new screen. Why should Apple bother with a $50 tablet. Their $500 tablet is outselling everything else out there and they are making ton of money, doesn't make sense to me....?
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    Best deal for a Blackberry Curve 9360

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    What's the best deal available currently on the 8GB iPod Nano

    What deal did you get. I'm also interested in a 16 GB.
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    FNB Online Banking Certificate on Ipad

    No i did not! That's brilliant, thanks!
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    FNB Online Banking Certificate on Ipad

    It doesn't help, you can't scroll properly on the iPad, which is why I think they are directing you to the mobi site. When I first got my iPad the would direct to the "normal" site, the mobi thing is a recent change. Obviously after they realised the issue.
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    Axxess DSL Lite vs Afrihost R29/GB

    Sorry if these have been discussed recently, I couldn't find any threads about it. What's the catch with the new Axxess DSL Lite offering? I currently have an Afrihost 5GB account, is there any benefit over the Axxess DSL Lite 5GB because I can't see any? Axxess is claiming these accounts...
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    Avast Free Version 5 Released

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    .NET 4.0

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    The .NET Knowledge Sharing Thread

    UPDATE: I've recently updated the contents and links on a few of the sections, as well as adding a couple of new ones. Thanks for the input guys! Please report any broken likes to me via PM .NET Knowledge Sharing Thread. I often come across good tutorials, blogs and the like and often...
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    Free .NET Lessons

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    VBS to kill GoogleUpdate.exe