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  • +1 on markmywords :
    I phoned telkom today and the line rental is the telephony line, DSL bundle is the speed and the 3GB is the usage.

    I was checking this thread : http://mybroadband.co.za/vb/showthread.php?p=3460195#post3460195

    I wonder if it's better to ask them for a custom deal. 4mbit speed + the 3GB cap I'm currently on. then use afrihost to top up?

    Also, I'm on the fast DSL bundle. Is the Faster DSL bundle 512kbits?
    Hay there… I noticed that you kind of know your stuff. I need to do research on the industry; trends and future needs and would love to pick your brain. Is it okay if I send you a couple of questions from time to time? Won’t be too difficult , I promise!
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