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  • Yeah, i've ordered and paid for it. I was going for the 42B450, but i don't know where the mix up came in, but i thought it was 1360x768. Turns out the 42 is 1024x768. I know everyone with this model says it's not a problem, but i just wanted peace of mind. Had the choice for the B550, but it's almost 2 grand more, and i sit 3.5m from the TV, so don't think i really need FHD. Paid for the TV, R12600, and should be here end of January. The stock comes out the factory on tuesday, so add a week. I've read (so don't quote me) the 50B450 doesn't have problems like the 50B550, in terms of noise and IR. So will have to test this. Have you seen the set up close? It's flippin huge, and i've seen HD and SD through it, and i am impressed.
    Cost for the 50B450 is 10999. and cost for the 50B550 is 12500. They add Vat. But i'm sure they have fat built into that. No ways they going to sell me a tv at cost plus vat.
    At Hirsch's. Not sure where you are, but there are branches in Joburg and KZN. They don't have much room to move on those prices, as i have seen the cost prices from Samsung. You must push these guys to get them, and they can do it, cause the stock for me is coming from Joburg. Hope this helps.
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