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  • Hi

    Found your message on ECNS and so forth. Have been looking al over but can't seem to find any clear answer on this. Would really appreciate if you could help me with this. I want to set up a WISP in a small Karoo town called Kuruman. Want to resell IS internet bandwidth to users. Only way to get ADSL like speeds. Guess user count would be around 50 users (no commercial guise would touch it:)) and at this time there is no kind of WIFI setup in the area. What kind of license would i need to do this legal? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Happy Birthday to You....Hope you have all regulatory issues resolved.
    anyway enjoy your day and the interesting years ahead.
    Hey Dominic,
    I sent you 2 emails regarding the iecn / iecs license and their number range.
    any feedback from icasa on this
    please could you advise me asap
    Hi Dominic

    How you doing, busy week, tense weekend..... appearing in high courts on sunday .... eish
    anyway chat to you soon .

    nisaar ally
    I need some advice re VANS licencing issues and you seem to know the regulations around that. Could I contact you to discuss this?
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