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    South African Airways majority stake sold off to private consortium

    'Plan' is just lacking the minor detail of where and how they will get qualified, current and legally rated pilots to fly the aircraft... But hey, you can bulls*&t some of the people all the time...
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    Stage 2 load-shedding postponed to the weekend so government can pass laws today

    Because some little piggies are More Equal than others... Someone should write a book about th... oh wait.
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    Hawks arrest five Free State officials on fraud charges

    Only five...? What about the other 5 691??
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    Solidarity sues government over importation of Cuban engineers

    Yengeni. It gave his career a massive boost after he got out (only served I think 4 months of a 4 yr sentence). His party sees criminal conviction as a prerequisite for advancement.
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    South Africans warned about a third wave

    Right, so Wave 3 during Level 1 lockdown (shortly to become Level 3) while experiencing Stage 2 - 6 power failures in the midst of Phase 2 of the national dermocrapic revolution. Small wonder people get confused and decide not to give a flying f*&%
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    Big stink about South African powerships

    Aah, I love the smell of tenders in the morning... (with apologies to Apocalypse Now).
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    South Africa signs COVID-19 vaccine deal with Pfizer

    Government: 'we've finalised a deal' Pfizer: 'discussions are ongoing' Who to believe...?
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    SA's plan for a stated-owned cloud computing mega-network

    Started laughing when I got to 'state-owned'.
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    Land expropriation threatens to destabilise South Africa’s banking sector

    The EWC clause says (regarding the definition of property) that it is '... including but not limited to a physical structure...' In other words the aim is EWC anything that fits this vague definition (savings, immovable assets, crypto, gold bullion, investments). I agree with many others that as...
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    Moody’s sends downgrade warning to South Africa

    I was just thinking - how is it possible for us to get any lower, then saw this table ^...
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    South Africans can now register online for a COVID-19 vaccine

    Who got the tender for this..? Anyone know? Nowhere does it state how the data is stored and what encryption standards are applied - other than 'stringent technical and best practice procedures'.
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    Ramaphosa launches fund for black-owned businesses in tourism sector crippled by lockdown

    How is this ok..? The fact of something like bee being the 'law' does not make it moral. South Africans of every hue are affected by this economic situation, which in reality was probably 70% due to government mismanagement and corruption, and the rest due to the effects of lockdown. The anc...
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    South Africa has secured 20 million virus vaccines, says Ramaphosa

    With a commodity that's this in demand there will always be a thriving black market.
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    Government's plan to force everyone with a smartphone or tablet to pay a TV licence

    I predict a 'massive' surge in orders for dumbphones if this ever sees the inside of a government gazelle.