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    Microsoft Azure South Africa

    So how did you do this? Using the Clone Resource Group script? If so, what about the Virtual Network, did you have to recreate this or did it clone this as well? I also have a DC that i'd like to move, but I assume a rebuild and dcpromo of that DC might be the best option hey? Also, where is...
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    Microsoft Azure South Africa

    This is what I am really after. I have set up a Vnet and multiple VMs with a S2S VPN to my Office in CPT, would like to not recreate the entire thing.
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    Svchost.exe Infected

    Hi guys, I know that svchost.exe is a very important windows system file that cannot be removed. And if that file is to be infected with a virus it can't be cleaned, moved or deleted. Is there any alternative way that I can clean this file or get a fix? Help will be greatly appreciated.
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    N81 MMS Backup

    Hey guys. I have a Nokia N81 and I've decided to do a software upgrade or just a reinstall of my software because something isn't right.. I believe its a virus or something. Installed F-secure but it don't detect anything. Anyways my problem lies with backing up my stuff. Everything works...
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    Logitech Momo(and others)

    Hi guys i noticed in the difficult choices thread that you guys were talking bout steering wheels and I thought I'd make a thread for my Logitech(notice I added the "and others" part to not be cruel) So I have the Logitech Momo Racing Force, and I think my setup is a bit crap though, my desk...
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    DS Repairs

    Hey guys I need help! My DS' top screen is giving me some problems... It makes some garbage you have to move it a bit to the just right position to get it clear... anybody know if i can fix this? and where?
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    Guess each others age: Lame rival to Boodles' Game

    Ok here's a (as mentioned above)Lame rival for the game of Boodles. try to guess each others Age... I believe some of the female posters(and some males:D) might not approve... but hey... cant satify everybody... Just adding some(unessesary) fun to the MyAdsl forums(and getting to my...
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    "crazy" "clever" "cute"

    Can anybody just tell me WTF this is all about? I've seen it on a (empty)buildings windows, but there's no name. Also seen just the word "CLEVER", nothing else, on a billboard. and the i saw the word "CUTE" on another. its killing my curiosity.... anybody know what it is or seen it before?
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    !The PC GAMERZ Thread!

    Hey whatsup guys This here isnt another PC vs Console thing. I just thought that there isnt actually a place PC gamers and enthusiasts can talk about stuff regarding PC gaming, problems, rating, etc.... So here i present !The PC GAMERZ Thread! *insert cheer here* hopefully this will...
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    Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

    First off, kill me if I'm posting in the wrong place... or just move it.... Now to the point. I watched the first episode of the new Terminator series... So far it looks like its gonna be a cool series... though it looks like its going to be a one season only thing. anybody agree on...
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    Mitsubishi Lan Evo

    Hey Guys i'm just looking for fellow LanEvo lovers i don't own one but damn its definitly on my list I would go for the Evo IX or Evo X depending on which one i find more attartive at that time. I'm more for the Evo IX at the moment but the Evo X is also starting to look better and better...