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    Which ISP do you use for your Internet connection at home?

    What about multiple connections I have Supersonic and Rapidnet with router in load balancing configuration.
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    Has there been job cuts at your company?

    Not yet but think it is still coming.
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    Test your speed and win prizes worth R5,000

    Rapidnet Broadband 10Mbps Link Ping 56ms (From speedtest) Download: 13.2Mbps (From router) Upload: 14.4Mbps (From router)
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    Are you a gamer?

    PC Insurgency Sandstorm
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    Do you tip petrol attendants?

    Only if they do more than just fill up, e.g. wash window
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    Which smartphone do you currently use?

    IPhone XS - Have had Apple devices for years so not easy to change due to all the apps purchased
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    Are you a DStv subscriber?

    Can switch on the TV and there is something on, streaming I have to decide what I am going to stream, Can put on Comedy Central and almost every show I will enjoy but will not be in front of the TV the whole time or need to selected next series I want to watch.
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    Have you been a victim of crime?

    Not directly but part on CPF and Neighberhood Watch so see crime almost daily.
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    Fibre Rollout - Ifafi - Hartbeespoort

    But dam Vodacom's FUP sucks, drops 10meg line to 2 meg when you use more than 500gig. Wish we had more providers in the area.