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    Great tech deals from Takealot and Incredible Connection

    Does not compute. Makro: eBucks store:
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    External Hard Drive for Plex

    SMR is fine for the right applications. Just don't buy SMR of you're planning to do heavy write operations constantly or using it in a raid setup.
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    PS5 or XBox Series X

    I think that's more to do with our flailing economy than the actual game prices. If you use the USD pricing then their argument has some merit. Take a game franchise like Far Cry for example. The budget for every game gets larger and larger every release as people expect higher quality...
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    How concerned are you about getting COVID-19?

    I put a "very" - I'm doing basically as much as possible to socially distance so if I do end up contracting it then it's really unlucky and I'll just have to accept that.
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    Elon Musk takes jibe at Tesla short sellers with $69.42 satin shorts

    The article title should read "$69.420" - it loses all context without the 0 at the end.
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    OneWeb launches first Internet satellites in race with SpaceX

    Misread this headline twice now where I thought it said "OpenWeb", at least I would have known the password for their PPPoE accounts.
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    Upcoming Games

    Ye, I tend to agree with you. This looks more like a case of where the pricing structure wasn't set properly and just defaulted to whatever Steam does to calculate this per region. Funny how many people are outraged by this mistake but wouldn't have said anything if there wasn't this price...
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    AMD Ryzen 5 gaming rig

    I would highly recommend spending a bit extra with Wootware, their after sales support is excellent compared to Evetech (who is notoriously bad in this regard).
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    Upcoming Games

    There was some article claiming the price changes were due to VPN abuse where people VPN in to different countries to access cheaper regional pricing. There isn't any reliable source of where the author of the article got this information though so I'm not sure it's true, looked more like an...
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    Upcoming Games

    You okay bro :laugh: Jokes aside, those folks in Indonesia getting a bargain! I ended paying R234 as Steam has a special running where you get R35 off any purchase > R200
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    Upcoming Games

    Anyone know if this was a limited time special (or maybe it was an error in the pricing)? A buddy and I bought the game yesterday at R269 (plus got R30 discount). Today it's priced at R680 so glad I bought it when I did.
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    Unifi Speedtest broken?

    This could be related to your MTU settings. Did you have to change the MSS clamping size for a PPPoE connection?
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    The PC Build Thread

    Not worth the cost difference in most instances, especially for a 32GB kit. I've got a kit of F4-3600C19D-32GVRB which is very easy to tune (with Ryzen DRAM calc) and have mine at 16-19-21-36 instead of the XMP default of 19-20-20-40.
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    Blu-ray players

    You don't lose any quality unless you start re-encoding things.