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  • Im using Astraweb 1mb limit acc with 20 connections and the 180gb astraweb block account with another 20 connections.
    But you should still be getting more speed than 60kb so try the SSL EU server for astraweb.

    I am using Telkom as my ISP and have 1gig and 10gigs local bandwidth. The thing is, I have had a problem of not finishing my gigs after topping up. i have recently started downloading with the bandwidth that's left, but I have been getting really slow downloads using BitTorrent 6.3 . I have even connected my laptop to the router with a cable with hope of increasing the speed, but there has been no luck so far. Do you know any ways of making my speed faster?

    And btw, I am exploring other ISPs coz Telkom is killing me. I watch a number series like Heroes, The Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist and I currently get them from UCT through DC. I would like to start downloading for my own now and so I want to be able to up my Torrent speed.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    Thank you
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