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    Some Huawei smartphone owners are seeing adverts on their lock screens

    Don't have such issues on my Huawei P30. I had themes with the words "" emblazoned on the screen when you select certain themes on my P smart. I never liked those themes so I uninstalled those theme pictures. Never had an issue like that on the P smart either.
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    Fake smartphone sales commonplace on Facebook

    "Tripel camera." And people still buy.
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    Cheap imported butter is undercutting local brands

    Having tasted anything from Ladysmith to Kerrygold I agree a hundred percent. For my tastes, nothing beats Lurpak
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    Air Mobile vs other SA mobile networks - Data price showdown

    How do MTN subscribers sign up for the R69 1GB rate/ offer?
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    WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram apps no longer pre-installed on Huawei phones

    Hmmm... I wouldn't mind if they are allowed to use telegram. Since whatsapp is coming up with ads soon I am ditching it anyway.
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    Over 400,000 South Africans now bank with TymeBank

    While I agree that maybe, just maybe, they rushed the launch, I think they are not doing that badly. Teething problems will always be an issue. I will reserve my judgment on Bank Zero until it launches. I am reserving it because of the mess that Discovery made of its so-called phase-in launch...
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    Over 400,000 South Africans now bank with TymeBank

    Well done, Tyme Bank. Personally, I am rooting for this bank to be in the top five in no time. South African Banks have long gotten away with daylight robbery, this is the exact change the consumer needs. I also find it disengenious for people to complain about online functionality for a bank...
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    US visa applicants must now disclose their social media accounts

    I am not on Facebook, twitter, Instagram or any other social network (whatsapp excluded--does it even fall under that anyway?) and don't intend to be part of any of that in any way, shape or form. I wonder, as well, if Trump would let me in. In any case, I prefer France and the UK.
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    Great growth for Huawei and Apple in South Africa

    Are we still living in the year 2010, maybe? Sony Ericsson is no more, only Sony.
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    Stop automatically blaming DStv - Former ICASA CEO

    Well, considering how you left ICASA, this sounds like a bitter man taking aim at his former employer.
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    Telkom mobile fights back

    I agree on Cell C, however, I need to test Telkom cause I was not impressed the last time, especially, when I was talking with my ex. Whatsapp and online services were not that much better either. A colleague of mine is on Telkom and he is not that impressed. I actually have both Vodacom and...
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    Telkom mobile fights back

    Well done, Telkom. I have been debating when to port my Cell C number over to them. My only concern is the network coverage despite their roaming agreement. Too many people have mentioned how poor it is. I also had a rather poor experience with them with an ex of mine Las year who always had a...
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    Anybody signed up with Tymebank?

    To be honest, I am disappointed by that response. I am one of those that have that functionality on my phone but choose not to use it for my own personal financial security, however, seeing that quite a number of people wish for that to be implemented it would be a wise move to do so. This is...
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    Your top 3 movies of all time

    Brilliant movie, that! I have it on my hard drive and raved about it to my brother. In this order for me: 1. Malcom X 2. Hacksaw Ridge 3. Green mile