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    Disappearing data - Vodacom apologises

    Who else but Vodacom? Not the least bit surprised.
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    How satisfied are you with TymeBank's service

    Gave A++ based on my experiences thus far. Smooth registration and card receipt. Used the card a couple of times and not a single problem. Also quite decent interest rates that I am earning on my goal save accounts.
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    Vodacom stole my airtime - This is what happened

    Exactly what I experienced! The consultant said she escalated the matter to the technical department and they will respond in the next 48 hours. They did respond in less than 24 hours to inform me that the matter was resolved. Unfortunately the matter was never resolved, I was still billed the...
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    Discovery Bank's pricing and discounts

    Am with FNB and was waiting to see what Discovery was offering so I can decide. Signed up last year but couldn't be on-boarded as they were not ready or doing their "phased in" approach and then I ended up losing interest. After seeing this I am glad I lost interest, sticking with FNB as I am...
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    South Africans ditch demo cars for older models priced under R200,000

    To this day, this is a car I would ask Mercedes Benz to build for me:
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    Bad Parking Pictures

    This one needed someone to park right across behind him. Unbelievable!
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    Best WhatsApp data bundles in South Africa

    Just checked now, it still shows 20 days for a R30/1GB bundle.
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    Best WhatsApp data bundles in South Africa

    MTN whatsapp bundles are 20-day not 30.
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    Blue Label share price falls after Cell C letter

    To think that Telkom wanted to buy Cell C but the latter turned the offer down. Ironic.
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    Cell C moves to delay debt payment

    ... more money spent when they are trying to cut down on costs.
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    Shops looted, woman dead in France after Algeria football win

    English hooligans, Russian hooligans and Italian ones. They have been at it way before the "African" ones.
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    Volkswagen ID 3 (EV)

    I want the ID3, it looks really good. I'd like it in dark blue, thank you. I am looking forward to this car, has me very interested as the run-around car.
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    2020 BMW 1-Series (FWD - 3rd Generation)

    I think they destroyed the look in front. The back is alright, still prefer the old look, the thought of the back looking like the 3 series just doesn't appeal to me. Personally, I feel the cars should be differianted from each other.