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    ICASA announces date for spectrum auction

    Corruption will kill this process as well. Poor Black People in rural areas will not benefit an ounce from this process. I will come back and refer to this post in 2 years time.
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    MTN launches new data bundles based on the area in which you live

    when you copy your competitor and offer worse deals. Vodacom has been offering this for over 6 months now. Lovely specials i recall buying 2Gig for R55 valid for 14 days on prepaid. MTN could have outdone them by saying R50 for 3 Gigs valid for 30 Days. MTN could have outdone them by saying...
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    Big win for Makate in Please Call Me battle

    He will get Billions. Vodacom never wanted him to get his hands on the Records or never disclosed to him what they made. Shameel Joosub is slowly self destructing Vodacom with this matter. Pay the guy and move on.
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    Big win for Makate in Please Call Me battle

    Not ideas you had. Its ideas you put in paper and communicated to the people you reported to.
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    Big win for Makate in Please Call Me battle

    YES I agree ! Still happens to this day. NO RECOGNITION.
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    How to check Vodacom data sim balance?

    Clear Cookies and cached web pages always when a website does not work. Upgrades are done to websites all the time. Old links may be re-directed to new end points.
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    New MTN EverydayGigs prepaid data bundles

    If those prices were halved and the validity period doubled then it will appeal to alot of people. Vodacom offers prepaid by area R55 for 2Gigs valid for 14 Days. Sources tell me they are selling this bundle non stop. People are now using 2Gigs per week and buying the bundle again. So 10 Gigs...
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    Acquisition or merger of Cell C on the cards

    Should shareholders and sensory notifications be sent out prior to any major decisions being made. Neither Blue Label nor Telkom has made this information available.
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    The curious case of smoking and COVID-19

    160 people dead and 300 living people will be without Jobs and no food when they are retrenched and will eventually rely on the state for Income. Mathematics is everything.
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    The price of 1GB in South Africa vs The World

    Thankfully too. We all will be making cheap products and then create viruses where supposedly there is no cure. 100 Global Companies are leaving China this Year to resettle in India. The world must Punish them for their actions.
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    The price of 1GB in South Africa vs The World

    You been shafted for over 26 years dear friend. Voice is free in India on most monthly Data Plans even prepaid gets free calls. Jio's owner had a vision to ensure the Internet reaches every citizen in india at an affordable price and nobody is left out even the man on the street can now beg...
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    South Africa is heading for a humanitarian disaster - Sygnia CEO

    I watched this video and thought if only one person was infected in the line all 2000 of them will be infected. Now bring this comparison to Cigarettes and see how few people will be infected by Cigarettes being sold. For Minister Nkosana Dlamini Zuma : Since handing out food parcels and...
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    Ban on alcohol and cigarettes in South Africa Please read between the Lines from the article.
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    Ban on alcohol and cigarettes in South Africa

    Mathematics for Cyril and his Team.