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    Is ICASAs 92% delivery rate for SAPO an acceptable figure?

    what percentage loss do we currently have for packages under 1kg when sent via courier?
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    South Africa to start building its largest solar power plant

    light also weighs less than 1kg, so the post office has to deliver it from the sun
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    Remote working jobs at Amazon in South Africa - strict fibre requirement

    i bet as soon as you're hired, they send someone round to your house to lock your bathroom so that you can't use it during office hours.
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    South Africa to start building its largest solar power plant

    yes, but you forgot to factor in the winning tender for running and servicing the sun
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    Don't pirate content on SpaceX's Starlink Internet broadband

    if companies don't like it when people pirate, then they shouldn't use region restrictions on their stuff...
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    SpaceX to launch satellite funded by Dogecoin

    no wonder elon has been tweeting so much about doge. those weird nerds that worship him are sort of like his investors - they make him money in crypto and in return, instead of money, they get callouses on one hand.
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    Massive discount on Samsung's 98-inch 8K QLED TV

    it'll need to drop 300k another 3 times before i can afford it
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    Despite being insolvent, the SA Post Office wants to take on South Africa's top couriers

    hang on, we can send our complaints right to the top so that the most important person in the company can ignore them instead of the mindless drones??!?!?!
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    The ANC struggling to pay salaries

    what they should do now is dig up all the anc founding members and wrap them in copper wire, then bury them again and put huge magnets next to their graves, because at the rate they're turning in their graves they'll generate enough electricity to replace eskom.
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    Big stink about South African powerships

    i find it amazing that there can be some seemingly big irregularities, but then they can just hold a vote and say they don't want to probe it.
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    We found a gigabit Wi-Fi hotspot in a Rocomamas

    how does this help them bully small burger shop owners?
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    Price cuts on ultra large screen TVs in South Africa

    suggestion for article to be changed from "south africans" to "rich south africans"
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    EOH must pay back R42 million following corrupt Department of Defence (DoD) deal

    oh dear. that's like almost three times what the ceo makes, so they're probably going to have to fire a bunch of employees to be able to afford to pay that amount without impacting the board members.