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    Test your broadband speed and win R5,000 cash

    cool ideas 50mbps up and down. initially had some connectivity issues, but that was because they were busy with that ddos attack. since then it's been ok.
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    SABC at risk of collapse

    so when the sabc collapses, will we then be able to buy a tv without that dumb licence requirement?
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    MultiChoice to cut two DStv channels at the end of September

    you wishing they brought in breitbart?
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    This is how much government departments spent on digital thermometers

    maybe them spending a lot more on thermometers is like how i want to buy this for my son: it's pretty cheap, but the shipping makes ridiculous.
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    Makro and Game experience big increase in online sales

    how is this possible? i can't find anything on makro's site thanks to their dumb search.
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    SABC explains the periodic downtime of its TV licence system

    i don't know anyone who's having trouble paying for a tv licence.
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    Kaspersky warns South African banking customers to change passwords after major data breach

    i'm careful with my data, but my bank just sends it out to everyone who asks, then they simply trust those people to be careful with it. now, because of their negligence, we have to now sign up for services that cost us money to protect ourselves.
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    DStv launches movie channel add-on option for R99 per month

    hang on... we've always asked for dstv to just sell build-your-own packages, so they took that idea and came up with: - remove all the channels from dstv - keep the price the same - offer back those channels at a price per channel
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    R15 billion in tax losses due to alcohol and cigarette ban in South Africa - SARS Commissioner

    can't they just double (or more) the tax on cigarettes and alcohol? everyone using "bUt ThEy'Re LoSiNg TaX" as an argument should be more than happy that the government will be making up those losses.
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    Samsung launches Galaxy Note 20 in South Africa – Pricing and details

    now to wait for the note 10 contracts to get cheaper...
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    Buying a smartphone in South Africa - What you get in the box

    new iphone 12 is just a very flat box. because there is no charger, cable, airpods or phone, the box is smaller, they can ship more. also, leaving out all those items makes it cost around the same price as the previous model.
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    Buying a smartphone in South Africa - What you get in the box

    lol! like apple will miss out on the chance to charge more and give less. now you can get a new phone at the same-ish price, but minus the R650 charging adapter and R3500 airpods. noice.