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  • I gave up on Hackintosh for now, busy getting Amiga emulation up and running :) Will see what I can dig out for you!
    Hi there, EchoZA

    Been sloggin' at tryin' to get my hackintosh to work for nearly two weeks. Been tryin' various methods posted on google, but no luck as of yet. Thought I might give the forum-community a try. I noticed you seemed pretty clued up on all this stuff. Could I ask for some pointers from you? Or if not, could you point me in the direction of someone I could chat to about this. My only problem is getting 3870x2 to work on my Phenom. Tried many distro's, but always ending up with a black screen.

    Thanks, bro. Hope you don't mind my intrusion.

    Shot bro, I didnt go to the last one. I had a jol in 2006 tho!

    I was gonna sell my gun but I just cant let it go, I'll be there this year! :p

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