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    What’s Next Promotion - Win R5,000 cash

    Reshaad Sha There wasn't single thing that needed to be done. There were hundreds of things that needed to be done
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    We sat down to eat at a restaurant after 13 weeks of lockdown – this is what it was like

    You should have stayed home and ordered takeways instead of going out while the country is riding up to peak infections
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    Same-day Makro delivery launched

    Thanks. Will let someone else try this first.
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    Owe SARS VAT and PAYE - what to do when my company has failed

    I think the main thing is that you engage with them. Show your willingness. There will be interest, and possibly fines but play open cards
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    These are the official advanced level 3 lockdown changes for South Africa – including unusual rules for sit-down restaurants

    I read the regulations for hotels etc in the document attached to the article. I don't see why AirBNBs are excluded from opening - they could easily implement
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    Nedbank Giveaway – R2,000 cash up for grabs

    Shop for your home, from home
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    Showing certain forums to registered members only

    This. I found myBroadband by being able to view the sub-forums, and answers to my questions coming up in Google search results
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    “Hitler was innocent”- Pretoria fitness queen charged for her comments against Jewish people

    I'd say you can include ones that governments deny. Don't include the Clone Wars. PS The Christians that followed didn't do too badly themselves with their pogroms and crusades
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    Do you personally know of anybody who has died of the virus and 100 per cent confirmed by an autopsy? South Africa only.

    It's not the virus alone that kills (usually). There's a close correlation of death with co-morbidities. So while people have died as a result of contracting the virus, it's likely that whatever serious illness they contracted would have done the job.
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    Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams is back with a bang

    You must be new here
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    Racist Magic: The Gathering cards banned, removed from database by publisher

    Reddit's app logo has been black for the last few weeks