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    Major outage at Capitec

    I'm Katy Perry, pleased to meet you.
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    Major outage at Capitec

    It is extremely stressful. You have to figure out what's going on, while at the same time, give business reports what happened with an ETA for marketing to communicate back to customers and fix it at the same time. I made the switch to mobile dev a while ago. Much less stressful. In the...
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    Major outage at Capitec

    I've seen some interesting things in my past working as a developer. Most notable two incidents I remember: One of the well known cloud accounting companies in ZA had a very unoptimized database and one day it just fell over, causing about 2 days downtime. Lesson: Don't use EF for massive and...
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    Do you use LinkedIn?

    He’s not wrong. It’s pretty superficial, depending on who you have as connections.
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    Major outage at Capitec

    Business is business
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    Do you use LinkedIn?

    LinkedIn is a very good place for dating. It's the one place, hot women reach out to you in droves. For some reason, they block me when I respond, though. Maybe doing something wrong? :unsure: Any tips?
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    MTN fixed LTE

    On this 3G note, does these also work on 5G?
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    Eskom announces Stage 4 complete with timetable - and a weekend warning

    I think today is a good day to log out, otherwise I might just get banned for speaking my mind. This is really starting to annoy me.
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    Openserve close to Vumatel's 450,000 connected fibre customers

    What? I'll pick Openserve over most other providers any day. OS has one of the most stable networks and decently priced. No FUP either. Telkom != Openserve
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    Why FNB charges international payment on rand-based Netflix subscription

    Or make that other guy happy and join a "bank" like Capitec :ROFL: Edit: NVM, see they do the same
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    IP Usage Type

    You're ok with other people doing dodgy things on your connection? Not such a great idea.
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    Vumatel hoping to increase Herotel stake to 100%

    As long as they don't hike prices. R 499 for 50 Mbps is a steal for people like my parents who live in a smaller town :love:
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    A week with Apple ...

    I usually just use Google Drive or Whatsapp, depending on what it is. :)