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    Test your broadband speed and win R5,000 cash

    Download 46.6Mbps Location Sydenham JHB Operator Vox
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    Router Battery Backup

    I bought the UltraLAN Micro UPS (DC & PoE) - 60W 17.6AH from Uniterm in July when LS first hit. Great unit. I power my ONT, Routerboard and 8 port HP switch (fortunately 12v) for 6.5 hours before the alarm sounds to power it off. No way to silence the alarm though...
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    How these streetpole cameras are catching criminals across Joburg

    So Joburg has found an excuse to prevent an excellent method of reducing crime - the Vumacam cameras have been a great boost to improving security, but it is private not COJ so it cannot be allowed to continue. Same as the very effective private initiatives - outsurance pointsmen, and the...
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    City of Johannesburg rates and taxes - did you get an invoice for July?

    Got mine yesterday - its about R2500 more than the highest bill I have ever received before. also see that electricity has been charged over 36 days. We are being killed by the increases.
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    Big Two-Day Giveaway - Enter Now

    Get up to 100% of your premiums back for living well
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    Open letter to Willem Roos, RAIN CEO, about why RAIN sucks

    Count your lucky stars. You are very fortunate you haven't had the need to contact the nearly impossible to get hold of support or accounts departments. Actually make than any person that works for Rain. If you are lucky enough to get a response don't have any expectations of a satisfactory...
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    Do you support CCTV cameras around your neighbourhood?

    Yes I support cameras. The question of who has access to them is important, but it has definitely assisted in crime prevention.
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    Big Giveaway - Win an Amazon Kindle and an Amazon Fire TV stick

    Nice deal: On a Made For Business M contract 1.5GB + 5.0GB Data 200 + 200Min Anytime minutes 500sms
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    Big Microsoft Office price increase in South Africa

    Exactly - this is an excellent Microsoft initiative for South African Scholars and Students. The re-sellers don't promote this as they would rather sell it to you.
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    Deep Cycle Lead Calcium Battery - Dead Cell

    Appreciate all the responses, however this is a budget issue. Right now I cannot afford to buy Lithium Ion. Just to replace with SLA is out of budget. Back to original post - anyone have experience with desulphation and does anyone do this commercially? I would like to give it a shot. IMO it...
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    SpaceX to face one last test

    Nice. Cool Demo. Interesting Boeing doesn't have to do a demo like this for their escape pod.
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    'Get out of the car,' suspected hijackers shout before killing pastor’s daughter

    Hoping for speedy investigation and arrest of the perps. Does not bring back Daleen though and wishing the family strength in these dark days. When will SAPS get a grip on crime in our country?
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    Blood type tests in Johannesburg

    100% and you are doing a good deed in the process.