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    HTML5 + WebGL + three.js experienced front-end developer (Contract) (JHB)

    Advertising agency in JHB is looking for a front-end developer with experience with HTML5 + WebGL + three.js for a project.
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    Need help understanding Discovery's Life/Medical/Vitality/Invest system

    I've just sat with a Discovery Broker to discuss adding more to a retirement policy. I currently have a Liberty RA but should adjust it slightly due to change in income. So I suggested that I take out a Discovery Invest plan to cover the difference. He responded that because I am on Diamond...
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    Cancelling Cellphone Contract

    I want to cancel my Vodacom contract as I am not happy with the service and the price I am paying. Do they still have the policy that you need to pay 75% of the outstanding contract? I am happy to pay for the phone - I'm just baulking at having to pay for service I will never receive. Is this...
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    FNB Best Supplier Competition

    To enter you need to shoot a video explaining why your business is a 'Best Supplier' and post it to YouTube (instructions here )
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    Business Bloggers

    I'm looking for bloggers who are documenting their journey in starting their own business. Can anyone recommend a blog/blogger(s)?
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    Looking for a developer

    Hi I need someone to do an integration (templates and some, limited functionality) between Wordpress and an ecommerce package I have purchased. Essentially I need someone who is well versed in php, wordpress customisation, smarty templates, ajax and css and mysql databases. Please PM your...
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    Current and reliable ecommerce stats

    Does anyone know where I can find reliable South African ecommerce stats (that are not more than 2 years old)? e.g. How many South Africans shop online? How much are they spending? What are they spending money on? Just the basics really.